Kapanui School - Maranga a Whiti - Rise and Shine

Principal's Message


Kapakapanui School is a large modern school situated in Waikanae catering for students from Yr1-8. The school is well supported by its parents and members of the wider community. Classroom blocks are organised in whanau groups of students from year 1-8 to strengthen the links across all levels. Kapakapanui  has attractive well maintained grounds with good provision for shade during the summer months
An enrolment scheme is in place as the school site has reached its capacity. Information and a map on the Kapakapanui enrolment zone is available under Parent Information.
Kapakapanui School is committed to providing a high-quality education for its students. We emphasise the importance of developing the whole child - academic, sporting, cultural and recreational activities. The school combines excellent facilities with a progressive curriculum, proactive values teaching and high expectations of students in performance and behaviour. These values are reflected in the school motto - "Rise and Shine."
The key features that make Kapakapanui Primary School a successful and friendly community are:
  • Well-qualified, enthusiastic teachers and support staff who are committed to helping students reach their potential
  • A comprehensive curriculum programme with a key focus on "foundation" learning - literacy and numeracy
  • A school environment where students work in safe, secure, happy and inclusive classrooms
  • Excellent facilities, well-resourced educationally based classrooms
  • Student support systems of pastoral care and behaviour management that promotes a safe, caring environment
  • A proactive approach to teaching values that promotes citizenship and leadership
  • Assessment systems that ensure every student is involved, encouraged and supported to work for success and maximum progress
  • A wide range of co-curricular opportunities.
At Kapakapanui Primary School we are proud of what we can offer and of what our students achieve.

 ERO - Kapanui School Education Review Office External Evaluation - 9 August 2016


During 2016 Kapakapanui School was reviewed by the Education Review Office. The Kapakapanui Board are pleased to report to parents that once again ERO recognised the high quality of Kapakapanui School by placing the school on another 4/5 year return date.  ERO usually expects to review most schools again in three years but where ERO finds that the school’s curriculum is consistently effective in promoting student learning – engagement, progress and achievement and where high quality performance is evident and ERO has no material concerns about the education and safety of students the next review will be in four-to-five years.  

ERO noted - "Positive interactions are evident at all levels of the school. High quality relationships are formed with many parents and especially with the parents of children with diverse needs. Teachers interact with whānau about learning concerns as they arise. Wellbeing is effectively monitored. There is a positive, settled tone throughout the school that enhances learning opportunities for all students."

"Consistency of expectations and teachers' practice promote high levels of student engagement and self-regulation. Key competencies and positive dispositions for learning are very evident. Teachers’ implementation of effective and culturally responsive practice supports student learning."

"How well placed is the school to achieve and sustain equitable and excellent outcomes for all children?

Leaders and teachers:   

  • know the children whose learning and achievement need to be accelerated 
  • respond effectively to the strengths, needs and interests of each child 
  • regularly evaluate how well teaching is working for these children 
  • act on what they know works well for each child 
  • build teacher capability effectively to achieve equitable outcomes for all children 
  • are well placed to achieve and sustain equitable and excellent outcomes for all children" 

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