Kapanui School - Maranga a Whiti - Rise and Shine

  The Home and School Partnership

While accepting our responsibilities and obligations we believe that parents and caregivers also have responsibilities and obligations as part of the home and school partnership.

 We welcome parents -

 ·        who appreciate that their role is as 'first teachers' and partners in the learning process - that the school can at best only 'add value' 

·        Who understand and value the vision of quality learning and teaching and help by supporting and working with the school to achieve quality learning 

·        Who feel welcome at the school and maintain open communication at all times, happy to give praise to teachers when needed, able to voice any concerns they have and who know that their concerns are welcome and their ideas valued 

·        Who always encourage their children's enthusiasm and love of learning by encouraging them to explore a range of interests and show an interest in school achievements. 

·        Who help their children take increasing responsibility for their own actions, learning and behaviour. 

·        Who ensure their children are respectful to other people, other cultures and the environment.

·        Who make an effort to learn about what the school is trying to achieve in the curriculum areas by attending opportunities the school offers. 

·        Who inform the school of issues that may affect their child's learning. 

·        Who send their children to school with the necessary materials, well rested and ready to learn.


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